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01. Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year,
less, or about what you'd predicted?:

A lot less, actually. I spent weeks away from home thinking of new plots, and found that when I came back, I was too exhausted to write them down. It was somewhat disappointing.

02. What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted
in January?:

'Friends'. I've been thinking about it for a couple years now, but never found the right prompt for that final push. Figures it would be zombies, lol. I don't even like zombies!

03. What's your own favorite story of the year? Not the most popular, but the
one that makes you happiest?

For once, I'm happy with my IWRY story (and its sequel) despite all the warning bells that tolled before, while, and after I wrote it. It was a plot I haven't seen before, and I believe I did it justice. And yes, the title is a reference to Buffy's 'cookie' speech; it just happened to work in perfect tandem with the plot itself, so in the end it's more of a double meaning. lol. Baked Goods.

Actually, I'm happy with all of my BtVS stories this year (except for the sequel to 'Step One: Denial', but nothing is perfect). They could be better, but they all managed to get the point across and that's what matters.

In other fandoms I can't choose one favorite. I'll settle for two stories, one written on January 1st (In Her Wake, Tudors) and the other on December 31st (Phoebe Buffay, Zombie Hunter, Friends). Both of them deal with the supernatural in an 'all human' canon. Rather cool bookends, aren't they?

04. Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?
The main plot of Baked Goods. I was sure I'd get stoned for it, but it's had a really good reception.

Other than that, no risks. I've stuck to my guns.

05. Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the New Year?
- Write during my trips.
- Return to the [profile] open_on_sunday fold. I've barely drabbled this year! *shudder* It's wrong!
- Write more B/Aus.

06. From my past year of writing, what was...

My Best Story:
Uh... Tough choice. Maybe Slow Dance. It's an episode tag for The Prom, and it still makes my eyes water whenever I re-read it. My stories rarely do that!

Story Most Underappreciated by the Universe:
I've written so little of notice this year, and the good stories have gotten good feedback. Perhaps One Day. It's decently written, and considering the HP fandom is huge one would think it'd get more than one review... *sulks* There's A Little Because, but the Dollhouse fandom is minuscule, so I never expected a lot of attention, lol.

Most Fun:
I'd say it's a tie between Pet Shopping (Enchanted) and Training (NCIS).

Most Disappointing:
All-Nighter It's not that I didn't like being in Chase's brain for a while. He's an interesting character. But I wanted House!

Most Sexy:
Christmas Boon. Let me tell you, clause-less Angel is FUN!

Hardest to Write:
About half of it, at least. I really haven't been in a writing mood this last year. But the winner is The One Where Kübler-Ross Didn't Apply. It had been too long a break from writing, and any traces of a style is just shot to pieces. Still, it's an entertaining story.

Most Unintentionally Telling:

Choice Lines:

- The wooden matron swelled in pride, so much that one of the top drawers threatened to escape until a flap from the left door tucked it back in place.
(From A Good Student, Beauty and the Beast.)

- After Buffy leaves the room (possibly to plan her revenge with less judgmental stares around her), Willow worries her lower lip between her teeth. “You know Angel is dead, right?”
Xander nods, then rests his chin against a closed fist and frowns. “And you know that as soon as she’s done denying, she’ll bring him back, right?”
Willow sighs. “I’ll sun-proof the basement.”
(From Step One: Denial, BtVS)

- "Until I know who’s responsible, I’d rather be on my own.” Riley chuckled. “A team of one sounds more welcoming than either of yours.”
(From Meanwhile, in Sunnydale..., BtVS, Courting Sin.)

- Nobody like a handsome, currently unemployed actor to track down a potential damsel in distress. And if the poor woman had been bitten during the struggle, well, Joey would deal with that, too.
(From Phoebe Buffay, Zombie Hunter, Friends, AU)

- "If I give you a piece of advice," Wallace cut through his best friend's rant, "do you promise not to hack my e-mail and subscribe me to another porn magazine?"
Veronica shook her head dejectedly and pouted. "You never appreciate my gifts."
"It was the wrong kind of porn!"
(From Friendly Advice, Veronica Mars)

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